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Long Term & Snowbirds

Discount Vacation Rentals Online just loves Snowbirds!

Many people from up North decide to spend their winter months down South in the warmer climate and they couldn’t have made a more perfect choice! If you would like more information on long term stays please ask Discount Vacation Rentals Online about our available monthly Rentals in Orlando.

The term Snowbirds was often associated with Canadians (cfr Canadian Air Force Aerobatics Team) but this assertion has long been expanded as to people anywhere from the colder North coming down for a month or two, three, four… to relax and embrace the warmth of the Sunshine State.

No matter where you are from, or whether you are staying for a month or any time longer- Let DVRO work for you and find a month long rental home or condo at a discounted rate. Call today at (855) 492-0094

Bonus: quite frequently we find Snowbirds having their relatives or friends over for a shorter stay. DVRO will offer you the option of choosing a smaller/larger property depending on the size of your party, on a month to month basis. For example, your first month down is going to be just you two lovebirds. Next month all the chickies are coming in town to visit. The second month you can choose a larger property in order to nest all your loved ones comfortably, no problem!

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Bringing your pet? It can be done with Discount Vacation Rentals Online! Explore our pet friendly vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida and find the perfect match for you.

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