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Discount Vacation Rentals Online is happy to provide an extensive list of group lodging options for your Orlando group and corporate stay. Our rentals often offer benefits that traditional hotels can’t. Business groups or solo travelers can enjoy ideal rental homes, town homes or condos in various locations near corporate events.

Discount Vacation Rentals Online works with a number of management companies in the area and this allows for more flexibility and open options for corporate or group stays. For the best rates and availability, plan ahead and book your group homes as far in advance as possible. This way you have a better chance of obtaining multiple homes all within the same community, or even on the same street.

Some of the notable benefits of home rentals for corporate lodging include the privacy of your own bedroom with access to a living or dining room, perfect for those group meetings or a fabulous home cooked dinner and drinks on the patio. What better way to take the ease off of your strenuous day after the convention then to come home to a sparkling pool or bubbling spa (without 50 other tourists joining you!) Your Orlando vacation home awaits for your next business trip!

You can easily book your stay online. A 10% Corporate Stay Discount will apply on the advertised rates of the vacation rental you reserved if you’re reserving multiple homes.

IMPORTANT: in order to get the Corporate/ Group discount, reservations of Corporate or Group Stays must be

* Booked the same day and
* Made under the same name

Differences in Arrival Dates and/or Departure dates within one (corporate) group are allowed.
When making your reservations, kindly use the Last Name as the name of the Group and use the First Name field only if you wish to make a distinction from one party to another.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email our reservations team at: reservations@DiscountVacationRentalsOnline.com. A representative will be sure to help you determine exactly how many homes you may need and the type of amenities you may want to include with your vacation rental home.

Bonus: families, don’t fret, you are entitled to the group discounts as well!

We wish you safe travels in the near future and we look forward to having you here in Orlando!