The mild temperatures and sunny days that comprise Orlando, Florida weather make it an ideal year-round destination.  With over 300 days of sun per year, and an average annual temperature of 72 degrees and 48 inches of rain, this temperate climate makes the days comfortable and evenings spectacular.

Planning your visit for the most moderate months of the year will bring you to Florida between October and April, but like we said before – it’s nice year round and the hottest month’s are July-August, with high temperatures of  92 degrees.

Average High Temperatures by Month

January                   71
February                 74
March                     78
April                       83
May                        88
June                        91
July                         92
August                    92
September               89
October                   84
November               78
December                73

Deciding what to pack really depends upon when you visit.  In the cooler months average nightly temperatures can get down into the 50’s so be sure to pack a sweater or light jacket for lounging by the pool of your Orlando vacation rental or venturing out on the town after the sun sets.

Check out the Orlando, FL weather for the week before you’re due to visit and if you’re wondering what to pack, give us a call or send us an email, we’re happy to offer advice!