Discount Vacation Rentals Online Loves Helping Snowbirds find Rentals!

The term Snowbirds was often associated with Canadians (cfr Canadian Air Force Aerobatics Team) but this assertion has long been expanded to people anywhere from the colder North coming down for a month or two, three, four… to relax and embrace the warmth of the Florida sunshine.

To help visitors get out of the cold and to fully enjoy the warmth and relaxation that Florida can provide, we at Discount Vacation Rentals Online have a large inventory of properties available as Snowbird rentals here in Florida. A Snowbird rental is one that can be booked for a long term or extended stay, typically at a discounted price over the nightly or weekly rental rates. These would be month to month leases in the Orlando area, and can offer guests very affordable and flexible vacation planning options.

Quite frequently we find Snowbirds having their relatives or friends visit for part of their stay. DVRO can offer you a variety of options on a month to month basis. For example, your first month in Orlando may just be you two lovebirds. Next month all the chickies are coming into town to visit. For the second month you can choose a larger property in order to nest all your loved ones comfortably, no problem!

Month to Month Orlando Vacation Rentals – Long Term Options for Everyone!

Not a Snowbird? These extended stay options are available to everyone! Year round we strive to help our guests find the most cost effective and versatile solutions for their individual vacation needs. This means that we can help custom tailor the vacation rental(s) you might need on a month to month basis, for the full duration of your long term vacation!

DVRO can help you find the perfect available rental home or condo at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information on long term stays and month to month leases in Orlando!

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Bringing your pet? It can be done with Discount Vacation Rentals Online! Explore our pet friendly vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida and find the perfect match for you.

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