Discount Vacation Rentals Online is excited to have you and the family here! Enjoy a completely kid friendly Orlando vacation by carefully planning all the important details of your trip. Let our expert reservations team help you with finding the perfect rental from our extensive collection of properties and make great suggestions about the area attractions and the “must see” things to do.

Kid Friendly Vacation Rental Accommodations

Why stay in a cramped, over-priced hotel when instead you can enjoy a less expensive and more spacious kid friendly vacation rental? We offer a huge variety of condos, townhomes, and private pool homes; the majority of our properties are great for families, but clearly there are some that are better suited than others for children, especially if you have young children. Planning a trip with kids can sometime seem overwhelming, and our goal is to help you match your family needs with exactly the right vacation rental, step by step.

Steps to Booking the Perfect Kid Friendly Vacation Rental

  •   Answer the questions below and keep them in mind.
  •   Search our vacation rentals in Orlando for several that you like
  •  Call one of our expert team members to review your selections, offer additional suggestions and help in finalizing all of your vacation plans.

Please use our vacation planners to assist you in choosing the ideal rental for your unique family!

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While planning your stay, consider the following questions:

What Orlando Attractions are the Kids Here to See?

Have you determined which are the most important activities and attractions that you are coming to Orlando for? If not you should make that your first order of business. Knowing which theme parks and attractions you want to visit is an important first step in deciding the general location of your vacation rental. This can help with transportation and ease of access, so you and the kids are not spending hours out of your day just trying to get to the fun.

Not sure what your choices are? Feel free to check out the information on local theme parks and free things to do in the Orlando area.

What Things do Your Kids Like to Do?

The location of a property, the amenities it will include, and the available things to do with kids will vary greatly. Do the kids like to swim, watch movies, play basketball, ride bikes, or play video games? Based on the amenities and things to do, some properties are better suited for families with younger children and some properties work better for families with older children. We ask that you determine the most important activities and features that you may want accessible from your vacation rental and we will be certain to help you find a property that has what you are looking for.

How Many Rooms Do You Need for Your Kids?

Bedroom and size requirements vary greatly by family, why cram everyone into the same room when you can potentially spread out and enjoy more space. Browse our properties by both type and number of bedrooms and see which rental will best accommodate your needs. Please allow us to give you a few options with different bedroom sizes to help you make your decision.

Our Discount Vacation Rentals Online Team is happy to help you plan a vacation that will be sure to accommodate all guests!

Please call or email us at (855) 492-0094/  or inquire for assistance.


Legal Notice: Keep in mind that the maximum occupants allowed in each rental is enforceable by law. If the number of guests in your party exceeds the maximum allowed, the Sheriff’s Office can remove your group and no refunds will be given.