Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando FloridaHollywood Studios, the former MGM, is the movie theme park of Disney World in Orlando. Disney MGM was officially renamed to Disney Hollywood Studios as of January 2008. Not specifically a large theme park, but this attraction park is lined up with to-do-things. You will not get bored in this park!

Only 54 acres small, it is a small world after all, MGM opened in the Summer of 1988. If there is something new in WDW, it probably will be in Disney Hollywood Studios: it constantly changes and adds new events to the park.

hollywood-studios-mickey-hatWith a number of Disney shows & performances, it is again wise to plan ahead and to build your walk in the park around the shows you do not want to miss. As in all other Disney parks, the fast pass will give you plenty of options and will enable you to make the most of your visit to this park as well. When you come through the entrance you are immediately immerged in the buzz of the streets. Within minutes you will hear screaming … that is the Tower of Terror, the twilight zone.

Things you have to include in your planner:

  • For the dare-devils you must do the Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. Fast passes needed here!hollywood-tower-hotel
  • Just like Illuminations in Epcot, you must see Fantasmic in MGM at the end of the day. Come early as seats are limited to 1500 people and everyone wants to see this. A bit loud and explosive for smaller kids though.
  • Beauty & The Beast is beautiful, the car stunt show is flashing, Indiana Jones Stuntshow is spectacular
  • The backlot tour is at the far end of the park but oh-so splashing
  • The Muppet 3D is a classic and taking the Stars Tours is an event