Orlando Vacation Homes

Private vacation homes, ranging from 2 to 9 bedrooms large, have their own private pool. Average depth of a pool runs from 3 ft on the shallow end to 6 ft on the deep end. Pool homes may have a uniquely shaped pool or a more rectangular shape pool. Rectangular swimming pools are generally larger and vary from 24 to 32 ft long.


Orlando Condo Rentals

Condominiums are single floor apartments, with 1 to 5 bedrooms, normally located in gated, resort-style facilities (check each condo for individual specifics). Most condo complexes are 2 to 5 stories high and usually come with elevators, however, some may not. Condo rentals usually return great value for a smaller family with kids. Go for it!


Orlando Townhome Rentals

Townhome has 2 floors, and a parking spot in front of your town house. Check the details on each townhouse to learn how many bedrooms are downstairs vs upstairs. Some townhomes may have a very small pool (“splash pool”) on their patio in the back; some may have a jacuzzi installed on the deck. Town homes can be 2 to 5 bedrooms large. Check the inventory out!


When coming to Orlando Florida, travelers have options, they can:

  • Stay in a hotel, or
  • Stay in a motel, OR
  • Rent a private vacation home or condo

Many families decide that it is not only more comfortable, but also much more affordable to rent a vacation home for their visit to Orlando Florida. In order to assist vacationers in the planning process, Discount Vacation Rentals Online offers amazing Disney area vacation rentals at great rates! No matter the size of your group, we can help you find the perfect rental for your ideal vacation.

What to expect from Orlando Vacation Rentals?

Typically, this describes condos, townhouses, and private pool homes available for rent by those coming to vacation in the area. Discount Vacation Rentals Online offers all these types of rentals for the most amazing prices! Find a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo starting at only $79 per night, and a 2 bedroom pool home starting at just $99 per night! The key to this vacation rental web site however, is the option to customize every aspect of your Florida vacation. If you wish to add a spa to your pool, or perhaps your kids would enjoy a PlayStation or game room, or maybe you need help booking tickets; whatever your needs, we can help upgrade the standard of your Orlando vacation rental…

Find it all right here with the click of a mouse and pick your family vacation rental accommodations in Orlando today.