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Before you book your vacation rental in Orlando with Discount Vacation Rentals Online, we’re sure you have questions on how to go about reserving your stay in Orlando and
what to expect after clicking the submit button.
We are here to lend a helping hand in order to make this a quick and easy process!

Most Common Q&A for DVRO Vacation Rental Properties:

1. How do I reserve a property?
You can book online 24 hours a day or call a vacation specialist Toll Free 855-492-0094 or Local 407-492-0094.

2. Will I stay in the property I see online?
If you need suggestions for your stay, we’re happy to show you homes online. Call us today!
Specific properties will give you a list of exact bed sizes in each room, # of TVs, baths, etc. The property you see is where you will stay.
Specific property codes start with a letter (not a number for example).

3. What is required to reserve?
It is ONLY $200 down to reserve most 1-9 bedroom properties. DVRO accepts Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, cashier’s checks or money order. Personal checks are not accepted. Guests will sign and return reservation forms, provide a valid ID and proof of the credit card used to pay for the reservation.

4. When is my remaining balance due?
The final balance is due 30, 60, or 90 days prior to arrival depending on the property listing selected.

5. Why should I reserve with DVRO?
Our agents are locals of Orlando. We have an inventory of over 1,000 homes.  If for any unforeseen reason your property requested is unavailable for your dates of stay, our team will provide you with alternative suggestions or provide a full refund. Our team does the searching for you… and that saves time & money!

6. What happens after I make a reservation?
Once you make your reservation, your request will be “in process” as DVRO informs our homeowner of your travel dates for the selected property listing. Our homeowner will reply with confirmation that your dates can and have been held.

In the meantime, we ask that you print & sign your signed reservation papers (which will consist of a receipt, registration form and/or security deposit form based on the property selected), make a photo copy of your identification card and credit card used to pay for the reservation. Your reservation documents may be emailed to our secured server inbox: fax@dvro.net or you may fax to 877-833-9226.

If the owner cannot confirm the dates you requested, you will be notified by DVRO that the home is unavailable. We will provide you with alternative suggestions for your stay. You may choose a great suggestion or cancel with a refund.

7. What time is Check In?
4pm, or anytime thereafter. An Early Check-In of 2pm can be requested within 2 business days of your arrival date, if available (for nominal fee).

8. How do I know where to Check In?
Check-in instructions are provided to the guest within 7 days of their arrival date via email.  This email will have the home address or welcome center address &  lock box code to obtain your key. We must have received your fax with signed receipt & registration form.
9. What time is Check Out?
10am, prompt. Late Check-Out of 12pm noon, can be arranged if available (for nominal fee).
10. What happens if I cancel my reservation?
Cancellations must be submitted in writing and are Non-Refundable. You may change your dates if you call us prior to the original final balance due date should thishelp you avoid a cancellation. See our Terms & Conditions.
11. What if I have a question while in the property?
All of our vacation homes are maintained by local, professional management companies who will assist you with any question, comment or concern during your time of stay. Please inspect the home within 24 hours of your arrival and notify your property manager and/or DVRO with any item you believe to be a preexisting concern. We wish to help our guests as efficiently as possible with any question.
12. What are my options?
Crib, High Chair, BBQ, Stroller, Scooter rental, Roll Away Beds, Game Consoles, Grocery Bags, Car Seats, Wheelchairs, Early Check-In/Late Check-Out and more can be arranged (applicable fee).

13. Can I bring my pet?
Yes, if you choose a Pet Friendly property and click YES to the Pet Box when making a reservation online. Please notify your vacation planner that you’re traveling with a pet if you’re making your reservation by phone.

14. Can I heat the pool or spa?
Pool heat is recommended for folks staying October-April. Pool heat requests will match the same number of nights as the total length of your stay. There’s a nightly fee for pool or spa heat. It also means the guest agrees with the pool heat operation information supplied on our DVRO FAQ page:

  • Cooler temperatures outdoors will not result in a refund of the pool heat cost.
  • The pool will take 24-48 hours to heat up.
  • Pool heating only runs during the daytime for a set number of hours on a timer.
  • There is a 5 night minimum on pool heat requests.
  • Pools with spas attached will be the same water temperature; they cannot be heated separately.

NOTE: When the outside temperature drops below 55 degrees, the heat compressor will shut down automatically and the pool will lose heat.  The unit will automatically turn back on when the temperature rises above 55 degrees.  This is a safety measure and beyond our control.

15. Does DVRO offer discount theme park & attraction tickets?
Yes! We have a local partner who can provide you with a tax inclusive quote. Call (877) 406-4836. Or visit the website for The Official Ticket Center

16. Does DVRO offer discount rental car rates?
Yes! Please call (407) 271-3290 for the best rate.  Or you can visit the website for Advantage Rent A Car once you book your vacation property where you can use our coupon code to save an additional 10%!

17. How do I know which properties are available?
Go to START HERE box found on the homepage in the top left corner.
Enter in your dates of travel, the number of adults & children, click: CHECK AVAILABILITY.
You will view the options that are available for your travel dates. Or Call 407-492-0094.

18. How do I choose and book my reservation with DVRO?
Scroll down the list of properties available. Click a picture of a home that’s of interest to you.
Once you have made your decision, you can click the “Book Online” button,
Or you can give us a call at 855-492-0094 and a vacation planner will help you make the reservation, whichever you feel most comfortable.

19. What is supplied in the my property’s kitchen?
Your kitchen will include: refrigerator, freezer, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, blender, cutlery and pots & pans of various sizes (at least one sauce pan and one frying pan), glasses, cups, plates, bowls and silverware available for the specified maximum number of people permitted in the home.

20. What other items will be supplied in the unit?
For your convenience there is a washing machine, dryer, broom, dustpan, iron and ironing board in the rental unit. No chemicals will be kept in the property therefore, you will be responsible for picking up your own cleaning supplies, detergents and soaps. However, starter paper products will be provided. You will have 1 (one) roll of toilet paper and a bar of hand soap in each bathroom. A single trash bag will be located in each trash bin within the property.

21. What do I need to bring with me?
Guest is responsible for their own groceries, detergents, soaps, paper & plastic products such as paper towel, toilet tissue, extra garbage bags or plastic tableware for the duration of your stay.

22. Will linens and towels be provided?
There will be additional bed linens (sheets and blankets) provided in the home. Towels are also provided for the specified maximum number of people permitted in the home. Please keep in mind no chemicals or cleaning products are left on premises. You will be responsible to purchase soaps, detergents or cleaning supplies you require during your stay.

23. Is there a telephone in the rental unit?
There is a telephone provided in the home which may be used for local calls free of charge.

24. What is a Best Value Property listing?
With the Best Value option, Discount Vacation Rentals Online will choose a property from our inventory that meets the criteria you’ve selected. Best Value listings are budget-friendly. Best Value Properties are visible to the guest by a code starting with a number, for example: 2BC, 3BH, 4BT, etc.

25. What is a Specific Property listing?
Homes that have a code starting with a letter are specific rental properties. The home displayed in pictures (and video) will have the amenities as described thereunder. What you see, is what you get.

26. What are the general house rules?Every guest agrees to the Discount Vacation Rentals Online Terms & Conditions.

Guests are subject to the follow the rules & regulations in force by the management company for their vacation home. Other mandates can be found posted within or around your rental property.

The management company may choose to charge a guest for any damaged, stained, lost, stolen, or broken item(s) in need of repair or replacement that they deem necessary and the cost will be billed directly to the credit card(s) held on file for the reservation as the guest’s billing information is provided to the supplier of the rental property for such incidences.

Please help us take care of your property.

A white folder of helpful tips will typically be displayed in the home asking the guest to follow certain guidelines such as, but not limited to:

1. No Smoking within any vacation property. Violators will be subject to extra deep-clean costs.

2. Pets are only permitted within designated pet friendly homes. Violators will be subject to pet fee.

3. Guests are permitted to enter and exit the property only on their scheduled dates of stay. Guests who enter the home prior to their scheduled check-in time, will be required to pay for an early check-in. Guests who depart later than their scheduled departure time will be required to pay a late check-out.

4. A minimum temperature for which the A/C can be set will be noted. Lowering the A/C beyond this minimum may cause the A/C unit to freeze and the guest is held liable for the repair cost.

5. Do not tamper with the pool heat box. Guests who help themselves to pool heat will be charged for the standard pool heat costs over the duration of their stay by the management company. Please place the child-safety fence back in the upright position on the pool deck prior to departure from the home.

6. You will be expected to place your garbage in the proper collection bin.  Trash collection days are posted in the home near the garbage bins. Any excessive trash within the home or left upon the exterior of the property will subject the guest to proper cleaning charges and/or an excessive trash fee.

7. Please do not place paper towel or other items other than toilet paper in the toilet bowls. Plungers are provided but if a plumber is needed the guest will be subject to the cost incurred.

8.  Any damage that is malicious or intentional to the home including the exterior or interior, or contents within the home will result in repair or replacement charges that will be billed to the guest directly by the management company of the property. Stolen items from the property will result in charges that will be billed to the guest directly by the management company and the incident will be reported to authorities. The management company of a vacation property may require you to complete a registration form and/or security deposit form authorizing $300-$500 upon your arrival date which is then held during your dates of stay in order to safeguard the property. This is not a charge through Discount Vacation Rentals Online. The security deposit is authorized and released back to the guest at the discretion of the rental property supplier and/or property manager.

9. Keep your key in the lock box. Lost or stolen keys will need to be replaced and the guest will be charged directly by the management company to cover this cost. Upon checkout of the home place the key back in the lock box with the lock box top secured safely in place. If you lose the top of the lock box that holds the key, you will be charged for the lock box replacement.

10. Please clean up spills, smudges or stains made by your party on the floor, carpet, or bedding (towels, pillow cases, sheets and blankets). These items need to be enjoyed by the next party entering the home and we’d greatly appreciate your help in cleaning up if your toddler spills their juice on the floor for example. Carpet cleaning or dry cleaning costs will be a result of items left stained by a guest and the guest will be charged directly for such cleaning costs or replacement of the items damaged/stained.

For further questions please contact DVRO via email or via phone. We’ll be happy to assist you in reserving your perfect vacation property in Orlando.