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ESPN Wide World of Sports Orlando: the Haven of the Sporty

ESPN WWS Complex OrlandoThe ESPN Wide World of Sports Orlando is known for its multi-functionality that houses several facilities and amenities that can hold different events sufficiently. This is where Atlanta Braves Spring and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have their pre-season trainings. There is always a time to discover Florida’s world leading sports destination. ESPN is a host to the Amateur Athletic Union and many other sports events. This Disney multi-sports complex is home for some professionals and amateurs, kids to seniors, and serious to recreational athletes.

Facts about ESPN Wide World of Sports

This sports complex facility was founded in the 1997 and is formerly known as Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex before it became ESPN in February 25, 2010. The ESPN Wide World of Sports is a fully-functional huge sport facility housing the famous Champion Stadium with 9,500 seats, four and a half baseball fields, an indoor arena, tennis courts, track and field complexes, a softball quadruplex, and the new facility “Hess Sports Fields” to accommodate 10 more different sports.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is 220 acre big that includes 9 venues which come to host many professional and amateur events every year such as the World Baseball Classic, U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championships, Disney Soccer Showcase, AAU Super Showcase, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour Championships, U.S. Transplant Games, and many more.


ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex has a current admission of $14.50 and $10.00 for adults and kids (3-9 years old). However, some events which are held at Champion Stadium, HP Field House and Jostens Center require higher permit fees. One can use his permit entry to the whole complex. There is a ticket requirement to eat at ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill. Permit entry is not needed to access the Clubhouse Giftshop.

The Venues

Champion Stadium
It is one of the pioneer components of Wide World of sports. Built in 1997, this 9,500 seat baseball stadium is known in its old names, Cracker Jack Stadium and The Ballpark at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. It is Atlanta Braves’ spring training base and the Golf Coast Braves’ recurring home.

Hp Field House
Known formerly as Milk House, HP Field House is a 5,000-seat multipurpose arena. It owns a total of 70,000 square feet in a stadium style seating. Its highest row is 35 feet above the floor. It also has a small gymnasium behind.

Jostens Center
This is a 44,800-square-foot arena 36% smaller than HP Field House which was opened in the fall of 2008. It has a seating capacity of 1,200. It features six college-size basketball course, two roller hockey rinks or twelve volleyball courts.

Hess Sports Fields
It has eight multipurpose fields to host numerous different sports. Its two fields are made for night play, and four are equipped for international soccer dimensions. The fields have differing number of seats which sums up to almost 3,000 with supplementary grandstands.

Baseball Quadraplex
It has four professional baseball fields and one practice infield. Two of its fields are furnished for night play. The quadraplex has ten bullpens, master pitching machines, pitching, mounds, batting tunnels, and hitting tunnels.

Softball Diamondplex
It has six fields prepared for softball and baseball use. The four fields are in circle while the two are made adjacent.

Center Court Stadium
This is a ten-court tennis complex with up to 8,500 seats.

Cross Country Course
This course is composed of a 1.1 kilometer wooded trail, track and field complex, and multi-purpose fields.

Track and Field Complex
This complex is a 500-seat competition facility which is consisted by a mine lane track, two pole vault runways, three shot put rings, two horizontal runways, two hammer rings, two high jump areas, and a javelin runway designed after the specifications set by International Association of Athletics Federations.


The former Official All Star Café is now ESPN Wide World Sports of Grill. It is open on most events from 10 am to 8pm. It’s widely available at off-hours for reservations and other functions.
The PlayStation Pavilion is also located at the ESPN Grill. It has a number of PlayStation 3 consoles with a rate of $5 per minute.

Gift Shop

No admission required. Gift shops are available at Champion Stadium, HP Field House, the one beside the box office.

ESPN Innovation Lab

This is an innovation dedicated to advance sports television technology as part of ESPN’s re-branding course.

Other Facilities

The complex got free Wi-Fi internet access at quite a few locations. ATMs can be found at the main entrance, in the Champion Stadium and the HP Field House. Water fountains are also scattered throughout the complex.

Orlando ESPN Wide World of Sports

ESPN Wide World of Sports Policies and Procedures

For all the athletes and spectators, there are policies and procedures that you need to bear in mind when you see or play sports in ESPN Wide World of Sports:

Spectator and Admissions: All spectators are obliged to purchase admission to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex by either daily individual admission tickets or length of event (LOE) passes that is valid for all days of the games schedule. These tickets are non-refundable, regardless of days your team competes.

Seating and Shade: Each of the diamonds had permanent bench style seats. You may bring your own tents and chairs provided that they do not get in the way with the field of play or games on the ground.

Coolers: Individual 1 gallon coolers and 5 gallon coolers per team are permitted. But, alcoholic beverages and glass containers are prohibited.

Lockers or Storage: Be aware that there is no storage for team equipments at the venue. All teams should keep their equipments with them at all times. Any loss of equipments will not be of responsibility by the complex.

Equipment Drop Off: You may leave your equipments at the designated equipment site near the bus drop off zone and load it onto an equipment cargo. This service is a courtesy of the complex to its guests.

Concession Stands: Teams and Spectators will find concession stands conveniently located throughout the property.

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Have a wonderful and memorable sporting experience!