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Join The Pirates League At Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom In Orlando

After swayed by watching Pirates of the Caribbean, did it ever cross your imagination to become a pirate even for once? Or are you playing some thoughts about how adventurous a pirate’s life is? Nay, Disney Magic Kingdom can make those wild imaginations be into reality! Join the Pirates League at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Be in a bona fide confederacy and transform yourself from being an ordinary land mortal into a seafaring fearless pirate! Captain Jack is constantly on probe for new recruits. Join them in their unending search of treasures over the wave battered seven seas.

First thing is you must have to undergo a piratical conversion wherein you will be baptized as a pirate and be receiving your Official Pirate Name. It will by then be recorded on the irrevocable leather-bound Captain’s log. You will be entered afterwards to the Muster Station wherein you will be leaving your old self and witness a transformation in a real mirror. Earn your buccaneer beard, scars, earrings, and eye patches. Wishing to be a bony pirate? Well, you can and wear your skeleton outside your skin. Following your transformation will be a solid training from the veteran Pirates and learn to heart some cavalier actions that those pirates manifest. Then, you will be made to walk into their Secret Room where the Pirate Masters reveal their hidden marauder treasures. Your Pirate Portrait will be taken and you will be in compulsion to utter the Official Pirate League Oath. There’s no turning back for you at this point.

Prepare to march as one of those proud Pirates in the Adventure land of Disney!

The Pirates League Packages

There are two packages for you to choose from at $29.95 plus tax. Pick out between:

  1. The First Mate” and
  2. Empress

These packages include a choice of facial effect where there are five to choose from, a reversible bandana, earring and eye patch, sword and sheath, temporary tattoo, and a unique pirate coin necklace. The First Mate Package comes with a vibrant and bold make up, nail polish and face gem. While those who opt for The First Mate Package will be smiling like a true pirate with ‘removable teeth’.

Make your Pirates League reservations now by dialing (407) WDW-CREW (939-2739). Theme Park admission to Magic Kingdom is thereby required. Reservation is open every day at 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. Have it be completed 180 days before your arrival. Valid credit cards are required at the time of booking. Prices and package components may change without prior notice.

Guests must be three years old and above. Children must have a companion of 18 years and older during the entire adventure.

Make up your mind and get ready for that haunting Pirate experience!

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  1. Mariluz Cortez says:

    My daughter,Catalina who is 3 did The Pirates League last week. She actually did the first mate package and got the multi-eyed jack style without the beard. Catalina looked extremely cute. We had to go back to Amarillo (our home town) the next day,and she wanted to wear her bandanna and eyepatch on the plane home. The staff was very nice and in character. The experience is unforgettable. I will not spoil any suprises for you. Out of five stars,I give it six!!

    • We all just think it is the cutest thing! If you have a good picture of Catalina dressed up, you can shoot it over to us and I will be happy to add it to the article if you like?
      Also, it is affordable, isn’t it? Afterall, it is Disney…

  2. Each of my boys age 8, 6, & 5 did the First Mate package. We made reservations a few months in advance, however, there were people that walked up without reservations and got right in. It was the best thing we did with them the week were in Orlando visiting the different parks. My husband and I took video & pictures during the whole process. They boys absolutely LOVED IT! The staff was fabulous and never broke character. It is worth the $29.95, in fact it’s a total deal for that price. The memories you and your family get from this experience are priceless. They walked through the park in their costumes and make-up and we heard tons of comments about how cool they looked. We even had adults stop us and ask where we did it in the park because they were going to go and do it!

    It’s SO affordable and if Pirate Goofy is available when your finished (he’s right next door) have your picture taken with him. =)

    • My son is 3 and he loves it. My daughter is 4 and a half, she is going as a “princess pirate” for Halloween… it is a magical and fun experience for them.
      Thanks for the feedback!